After the Solo “perfection”

Credit : pinterest

So I went solo (YEAH) and after my solo flight, my flying became so bad and frustrating, not only for me. I have read articles saying that one should expect deterioration in performance after your solo. 

Well, mine was more a step backwards than just being overconfident and the reason for this was because I felt after my solo that I needed to “up my game” or be perfect at my flying. I sat and scrutinized my flying and felt that I had gaps that needed filling when actually I did not.

Trying to be perfect with such little hours only resulted in me creating more problems for myself by adding stress before, during and after my lesson, but I since have learnt a valuable lesson.

First, my instructor sent me solo and he would not have done it if I was for any reason a safety risk or my flying was unacceptable or below a standard.

I took a step back and after good advice, stopped living in the world of wanting to be perfect to impress my instructor and rather enjoy my lesson. I most certainly still practice my checks, emergencies and all procedures, either on my flight sim or “chair flying”, but it is no longer in an attempt to be perfect but to know them.

The moment I changed and corrected my mindset and got back into my routine of relaxing before my lesson and planning my lesson as I was before, I could feel the change the moment I climbed back into the aircraft.

From the moment I started with my before start checks, I felt the positive energy flow back into the right seat. My lesson that day was much better, not at the level I was when I went solo but it was better.

I should have been focused on honing in on my skills and enhancing it as I was building up hours towards my PPL.

The lesson in this experience was not to add unnecessary stress to yourself by wanting to be perfect, it takes time and lots of dedication to get there and we all so get there. Our training is designed to equip us with the necessary skills to help us should an unfortunate event arise.

That is my little advice from a student pilot to future student pilots.

Safe Flying.